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The Voices Project


For Women, For Life, We Sing Freedom

Welcome to The Voices Project. Every person participating in this groundbreaking project is helping by representing a political prisoner who is being detained right now in Iran.
Our live recording in Los Angeles was historic with thousands of voices recorded. Now YOU can be a part of the session. 
To share your voice, we have partnered with the good folks at audiobridge. All you have to do is download the free app, and you will be directed to sing along to our new “Baraye - Women Life Freedom” arrangement.
Your voice will be sent directly from the app to our team and YOU will be a part of history. 
Please download the app on an Apple iOS device and for any questions check out the tutorials and instructions below. 
You’ll also find our song lyrics with both the new “Women Life Freedom” chorus and also the original Shervin Hajipour recording of his now Grammy winning anthem “Baraye” in Farsi. 
Sing along with the "Women Life Freedom" chorus, as well as whichever parts of the original song you are inspired to contribute to. 
Thank you for sharing your voice.

For Women, Life, Freedom! 

Sincerely The FWLF Team



  1. Download audiobridge from App store and open it

  2. Log in with one of the options provided

  3. Tap the yellow ‘+’ symbol in the top right corner

  4. At the top of the page you’ll see the session name - tap that and change the name of the session to your name

  5. In the middle of the page, you will see text that says “Tap Here to Import an audio file”

  6. Tap on that bar and a menu pops up from the bottom

  7. Choose “Free audiobridge tracks” from that menu

  8. You will see “For Women Life Freedom” (English) and “For Women Life Freedom” (Farsi) can be chosen. Choose one by clicking on it to begin the import

  9. Make sure to WEAR HEADPHONES before you record.

  10. Once the track is imported, you are ready to start recording!

  11. Click the red button at the bottom of the screen, and sing along with the track. 

  12. If you want to delete what you sang, click on the track you just recorded and then click the trash can on the bottom right of the screen 

  13. Scroll back to the start of the track, and sing again 

  14. Once you are done recording and happy with the session, then you are all set. The track will automatically go to our master folder in the cloud, and your voice will be heard and used. 

  15. Repeat the above steps for each family member who wants to sing and name each new session with their name



  • Wear headphones

  • One voice per session

  • Title each new session with the full name of person singing 

  • Record in a quiet room

  • Don’t record in the shower 

  • Sing along to just the chorus or as much of the song as you like


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