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For Women Life Freedom is a non-profit committed to advocating for women's equal rights and standing up to violence against women and innocent people struggling for a free and civil society for ALL Iranians. We believe in the power of Art to amplify the freedom of all people and invite people everywhere to join the movement to advance the cause of peace.

*For Women Life Freedom is a registered California non-profit 501c3

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For Women Life Freedom was formed to be a platform for unified support of the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Iran. Made up of business leaders, influencers, activists, and artists, both inside and outside of the Persian and Iranian community, the group is committed to using their platforms and influence to elevate awareness and support the movement for a free Iran.

Following the protests in September 2022, following the death of Iranian woman Mahsa Amini, the song “Baraye” by Iranian artist Shervin Hajipour began to capture the heart of the movement in Iran. Shervin was quickly was arrested by the Iranian government.

Members of our team initially came together to use their experience and influence within the music business to help ensure “Baraye” was considered by the Recording Academy in their new Song For Social Change Special Merit Award category.

In response to the continued and rapidly escalating crisis, the team expanded from there, using their platforms to elevate awareness, and impact the cause through coordinated efforts with arts, music, film, and creative projects as the primary mediums.

The Voices Project, launching February 4th 2023 brings together thousands of individuals to record a new For Women Life Freedom arrangement of “Baraye”, highlighting the thousands of arrested protestors who are at risk of execution. Continued projects and efforts will include utilizing music releases, concerts, ambassadorship, and content production, as well as coordinated advocacy to support the movement for a free Iran.

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Katy Younesi

Entertainment Lawyer

Taylor Hanson

Musician / Entrepreneur

Hamid Saeidi

Musician / Producer

Babak Kazemi

IT / Technology

Sherry Saeedi

CEO, Versewire

Camyar Mashkaty


Kevin Harper

CEO, Food On The Move

Rebecca Sarkar

COO, HANSON / 3CG Records

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